Our Story

The vision of RethinkPD is to develop an image as the ‘go to’ PD organisation for thinking ‘outside of the square’. Based around the three guiding principles of ‘Innovative, Practical & Enjoyable’, the workshops challenge teachers to reassess their curriculum, give teachers immediately usable skills and be so much fun that they want to keep coming back again and again.

“RethinkPD delivers creative informative and enjoyable workshops, conferences and training for the Education Sector, providing teachers with an arsenal of practical knowledge and activities that can be used the very next day.”

Who We Are

RethinkPD delivers creative informative and enjoyable workshops, conferences and training for the Education Sector.  With a focus on developing innovative and enjoyable Professional Development, RethinkPD provides high quality educational consultancy which enables teachers to broaden their educational strategies.  An emphasis on the ‘practical’ ensures that skills, approaches and activities learned in the workshops have immediate application to the teacher’s class the very next day.

What We Do

RethinkPD is a Practical Training and Professional Development company for the Education Sector.  It delivers innovative, practical and enjoyable PD training for teachers in individual schools, clusters of schools and educational conferences and workshops – from teachers of Prep through to specialised VCE.

RethinkPD’s quality and stimulating Professional Development Workshops are focused upon providing workshops that give teachers a new perspective on how to engage with students. Each workshop will give teachers the opportunity to participate in ‘hands-on’ training and provide them with an arsenal of practical knowledge and activities that can be used in the classroom the very next day.

Have a look at the types of training offered on the School Based Workshops page – from enlivening Literacy lectures through to magical Numeracy and General Classroom disciplines.  These interactive and practical PD sessions can be delivered both in-school and at external conference venues.

We can also cater a solution specific to the needs of your school. Contact us to see how we can serve you.

Meet the RethinkPD Team

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